Side Projects

Software development, non-academic writing, and data-science explorations

Lesion quantification toolkit

The lesion quantification toolkit (LQT) is a publicly available software package for quantifying the probabilistic impacts of focal brain lesions on structural connectivity.

Who do you follow?

Many Twitter users mostly follow people like themselves. This tool helps people estimate, and hopefully change, the gender and racial/ethnic breakdown of the accounts they follow.

Citational justice advocacy and software

Reference lists show marked gender and racial/ethnic imbalances. To mitigate these disparities, we discuss ethical considerations and offer practical recommendations and tools for scientists

Reskilling to avoid automation

A portion of US jobs may be eventually be automated away, and transitioning workers to new tech-centric careers seems to be a popular recommendation. This visualizion-based article explores the occupation network to find more attainable job transitions based on skill overlap.